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[linux-lvm] lvm - problem replacing failed disk


I've been running lvm2 on a redhat system for the past 6 months
(happily).  As happens, one of the three hard disks used in my volume
group has failed.  There is some data in the volume group I'd like to
retrieve if possible.

I've been reading HOWTOs and various other posts and tried the

(1) Replaced the failed disk with one of the same size  
(2) Used pvcreate to make the same physical volumes on the new disk
that were present on the failed disk.  Example of the actual command I
used was:
  pvcreate --uuid xxxxx /dev/sdb1
where xxxxx was the pv uuid from pvdisplay 
(3) Used vgchange -a y -P to activate the volume group

At this point I get an error saying the metadata is inconsistent and a
volume group uuid is not found.

Any advice on how to proceed would be appreciated.  

Thanks, Steve

PS.  Attempts to mount the Logical volume of interest fail with a bad
superblock message.  I think this is expected as the first segment of
the logical volume was on the failed disk.

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