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[linux-lvm] Effects of XXremove and then XXcreate on fs

If an LV is [lv,vg,pv]removed and then re[pv,vg,lv]created not using the
backup file, what are the effects on the old LV?
 is it possible to remove the new created LV/VG/PV and recreate using
  the backup file and still access the volume?
 or is there some on-disk metadata from the original LV that got hosed
  by the creation of the new LV?

I am trying to recover a system that had the above done to it along with
possibly having some other problems, and am trying to weed out possible
causes of failure.  I do have the backup/ file now and will be
attempting this as soon as I can restore the block devices from backups
(another 6 hours).

As far as I can tell the LV/VG/PVs were not resized or changed at all
from the time it was created to the time the underlying hardware

Are there any gotcha's trying to do this?


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