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Re: [linux-lvm] Effects of XXremove and then XXcreate on fs

On Fri, Jun 16, 2006 at 09:18:07AM -0600, Joshua Aune wrote:
If an LV is [lv,vg,pv]removed and then re[pv,vg,lv]created not using the
backup file, what are the effects on the old LV?
is it possible to remove the new created LV/VG/PV and recreate using
 the backup file and still access the volume?
or is there some on-disk metadata from the original LV that got hosed
 by the creation of the new LV?

I am trying to recover a system that had the above done to it along with
possibly having some other problems, and am trying to weed out possible
causes of failure.  I do have the backup/ file now and will be
attempting this as soon as I can restore the block devices from backups
(another 6 hours).

from the lvrcreate manpage:

      -Z, --zero y/n
             Controls zeroing of the first KB of data in the new logical vol-
             Default is yes.

             Warning: trying to mount an unzeroed logical  volume  can  cause
             the system to hang.

you might be able to recover the filesystem using an alternate superblock if you wiped
the first KB of fs data.


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