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Re: [linux-lvm] newbie lvm question


try running vgmknodes and/or vgchange -a y volgrp0 and try again.
Alternatively try mkfs /dev/mapper/volume1


On 6/21/06, Beginner <dermot sciencephoto co uk> wrote:

Fedora Core release 4 (Stentz)

I am trying to have a play around with LVM and have hit a snag when I came to formatting the LV.

I have a fresh install on a single 18GB disk. The root (/dev/hda1) partition is 6.1G, and there is
about 300MB swap. That leaves about 12GB spare on hda3. I created hda3 and set the partition
type 8e. I created the PV:

  --- Physical volume ---
  PV Name               /dev/hda3
  VG Name               volgrp0
  PV Size               12.48 GB / not usable 0
  Allocatable           yes
  PE Size (KByte)       4096
  Total PE              3196
  Free PE               1660
  Allocated PE          1536
  PV UUID               ttjcMK-tNnb-59xe-qGtl-7oAn-XGMT-eBvRky

Created a volume group with hda3 in:

  --- Volume group ---
  VG Name               volgrp0
  System ID
  Format                lvm2
  Metadata Areas        1
  Metadata Sequence No  6
  VG Access             read/write
  VG Status             resizable
  MAX LV                0
  Cur LV                1
  Open LV               0
  Max PV                0
  Cur PV                1
  Act PV                1
  VG Size               12.48 GB
  PE Size               4.00 MB
  Total PE              3196
  Alloc PE / Size       1536 / 6.00 GB
  Free  PE / Size       1660 / 6.48 GB
  VG UUID               JK7RNE-DHM2-KNtf-Scua-jOs5-5x11-396xaY

and then a 6GB logical volume:

  LV Name                /dev/volgrp0/volume1
  VG Name                volgrp0
  LV UUID                msRAz9-8A4e-dWGO-C9JG-c08Z-R1xG-iYUWoe
  LV Write Access        read/write
  LV Status              available
  # open                 0
  LV Size                6.00 GB
  Current LE             1536
  Segments               1
  Allocation             inherit
  Read ahead sectors     0
  Block device           253:0

However I can not format '/dev/volgrp0/volume1', I get Permission denied.

>mkfs -t ext3 /dev/volgrp0/volume1
Could not stat /dev/volgrp0/volume1 --- Permission denied.

I notice the VG status is resizable, should that be available? When I try and change it, it reports
that it's already available.

    Finding all volume groups
    Finding volume group "volgrp0"
    1 logical volume(s) in volume group "volgrp0" already active
    Found volume group "volgrp0"
    Activated logical volumes in volume group "volgrp0"
  1 logical volume(s) in volume group "volgrp0" now active

Am I missing something?
TIA. Dp.

Dermot Paikkos

Network Administrator @ Science Photo Library
Phone: 0207 432 1100
Fax: 0207 286 8668

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