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[linux-lvm] Re: newbie problem with LVM

Terribly sorry for the double post to the mailing list, accidentally hit the google shortcut.

I have been using LVM for several months to record video files for my PVR across a 200GB and 160GB disk (hdb and hdc).

Recently I decided to upgrade my FC3 install to FC5.  After the install, my LVM mount does not come up.  It appeared that all of the LVM information in /dev/ was gone; however, only the non-LVM drive (/dev/hda) should have been touched by the FC5 upgrade.

This is my fstab entry:
/dev/VGforMythTV/video  /var/media              xfs     defaults        1 1

This is what fdisk shows:
/dev/hdb1               1       24792   199141708+  8e  Linux LVM

/dev/hdc1               1       19929   160079661   8e  Linux LVM

In my attempt to fix this, I think I may have totally fouled things up; I tried to create a new volume group with the same name and more PVs for the new drives, then combine them together into an PV with the old LV name.  However, this still does not allow it to mount. 

Any ideas?  Have I deleted all my data?

Thanks for any help,


I've pasted my history commands below.

  548  more /etc/fstab
  549  vgcreate VGforMythTV -s 64m /dev/hda1
  550  /usr/sbin/vgcreate VGforMythTV -s 64m /dev/hda1
  552  /usr/sbin/pvcreate /dev/hdb1
  553  /usr/sbin/pvcreate /dev/hdc1
  554  /usr/sbin/vgcreate VGforMythTV /dev/hdb1 /dev/hdc1
  555  mount /dev/VGforMythTV /var/media
  556  mount /dev/VGforMythTV/video /var/media
  557  mount /dev/VGforMythTV/media /var/media
  558  lvcreate --name video VGforMythTV
  559  /usr/sbin/lvcreate --name video VGforMythTV
  560  /usr/sbin/lvcreate --name video -l VGforMythTV
  561  /usr/sbin/lvcreate --name video -l ` VGforMythTV
  562  /usr/sbin/lvcreate --name video -l 1 VGforMythTV
  563  mount /dev/VGforMythTV/media /var/media
  564  mount /dev/VGforMythTV/video /var/media
  565  mount -t xfs /dev/VGforMythTV/video /var/media
  566  mount /dev/VGforMythTV/video /var/media
  567  /usr/sbin/lvcreate --name video -l 2 VGforMythTV
  568  ls
  569  /usr/sbin/pvdisplay
  570  /usr/sbin/lvmdiskscan
  571  mount /dev/VGforMythTV /var/media/
  572  mount /dev/VGforMythTV/video /var/media/
  573  mount /dev/VGforMythTV/media /var/media/
  574  mount /dev/VGforMythTV/video /var/media/
  575  /sbin/fdisk /dev/hdb
  576  /sbin/fdisk /dev/hdc
  577  /usr/sbin/vgextend
  578  more /etc/fstab
  579  /usr/sbin/vgextend VGforMythTV /dev/hdb1
  580  /usr/sbin/vgextend VGforMythTV /dev/hdb

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