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[linux-lvm] Rescuing a VG from a busted system


I'm kind of a LVM newbie, so please bear with me on this question.

I had a Fedora Core 3 box die on me last night. The disk survived, and it has a VG on it called VolumeGroup00 (default for FC installs, I believe). I'm not really interested in reusing the disk, I just want to get some of my data (2 weeks of coding!) off of it, so I put the disk into a FC 5 box as hdb and booted up, but it doesn't recognize the volume on hdb. I did some research, and the reason for this seems to be that since the VG on hda is also named VolumeGroup00, it will not recognize the VolumeGroup00 on hdb. So my question is, what's my best approach for getting at the data on hdb? Is there a way that I can rename the VG on hdb, or is there an even better approach?

Thanks for your time,


John Diamond
Fermi National Accelerator Lab
Accelerator Division, EE/Support Department
630-840-4988 - jdiamond fnal gov

"If it can't be done in Emacs, it's not worth doing"

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