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[linux-lvm] can't delete snapshot


i did a mistake and created a snapshot from a mounted lvm and break it,
while it was creating the snapshot.

my /dev/raid_daten/vhost6_root is definitely unusable so i want to
delete it:

(i had do to a ctrl +c to break lvs, cause: "Giving up waiting for
lock, /var/lock/lvm/V_raid_daten: flock failed:
Can't lock raid_daten:skipping, but than it shows the output )

ACTIVE   Original '/dev/raid_daten/vhost1_root' [4,96 GB] inherit
ACTIVE   Snapshot '/dev/raid_daten/vhost6_root' [4,96 GB] inherit

root xendom0:~# lvremove raid_daten/vhost6_root
Do you really want to remove active logical volume "vhost6_root"? [y/n]:

i don't know, how i can delete these snapshot. It hangs and i can't do

Kernel is 2.6.16-xen

any suggestions?

cu denny

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