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Re: [linux-lvm] Uuid for unknown device blows up VolGroup00

Dieter St�ken <stueken conterra de> wrote:
Teak Billard wrote:
> I recently tried to add an old 30 GB hard drive lying in my machine to
> my FC5 system. I was trying to add the 30 GB to VolGroup00. I failed
> somehow and now the entire VolGroup00 is inaccessible. When booting I
> get a Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init! I think if I
> removed the offending Uuid from VolGroup00 things would go back to normal.
> ....
> When I do an lvm pvdisplay, it reveals that VolGroup00 has two uuid's in
> it. One is /dev/hdb3 with uuid M3CWKv-a2yK-b5Qu-rLzq-Aj27-lXxE-WzvkWE
> and the other is unknown device with uuid
> 8YsyEa-r5RX-2LLI-Zz7n-Xr8s-VksP-Mhs0Wi.

seems you did NOT fail adding the new disk. Have a look into your
/etc/lvm/backup/VolGroup00 to find how your VG is composed.

It seems, you succeed in adding the disk, but you finally did
not use it and disconnected it. LVM however has registered
the new disk, even if you did not copy any data to it.

You should reconnect the formerly added disk and unregister
it from your volume group by "vgreduce". If you don't have the
disk any more or used it elsewhere, you may try the option
"vgreduce --removemissing".

> I failed somehow and now ...

can you tell us, why it did not work as you expected?


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This is exactly what I did to fix the problem: vgreduce --removemissing VolGroup00.

> can you tell us, why it did not work as you expected?

First time using volume groups.  Installed FC5 back when it came out and didn't really know what I was doing.  Now I do.  After fixing the problem, I got wise, used the lvm commands and added the new hard disk as a physical volume, and merged it into the existing volume group.

I had messed around with the lvm gui beforehand and may have caused a problem then.

In my getting wise period I read that the problem with volume groups is that if one hard drive fails, the entire volume group is finished.  That to me is extremely dangerous.  Am I right to be concerned?


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