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[linux-lvm] LV's have "disapeared"

I have created some new lv's for some tests.
What I did was based on this howto:


pvcreate /dev/hdk 
pvcreate /dev/hdi

vgcreate vhostvg /dev/hdk /dev/hdi

lvcreate -L1G -nvm01lv vhostvg 
ok and here I thinkg I made a big mistake!
since I had no partitions on my disks and I assumed that I needed one so
that it matches the LVM that was created by debian automaticaly I
created on both disks a partition and changed the type to 8e  Linux LVM.
I actualy worked with the lv's and everything is ok ( except my speed
problem but this is a other topic )
now after a rebbot, I only see the lv created by debian, not the one
that I kind of screwed up with my partitioning.

Is there a simple way to recover it? It's not that important that I
would wast to much time with it, it was just for testing anyway and I
could recreate them.

regards, Cristian Livadaru

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