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Re: [linux-lvm] 2 VG's in separated HD's

Dieter Stüken wrote:
Du wrote:
I put another HD on my box to test with LVM, my primary HD is working
all with LVM and a VG called vg_root. When I initialize and create a VG
in the secondary HD, works well, I create a LV, perfectly...but when I
reboot...donno what happens but the sistem doesnt initialize INIT, and
send me a BusyBox (Debian).

And then I must mount the root LV, chroot to it and fdisk to erase the
secondary HD, and reboot. Otherwise it doenst starts INIT.

Does anybody knows what's happening?

what do you mean by "doenst starts INIT"? Is the kernel not found
(a LILO or GRUB problem) or does "init" not find the root partition?
Or was the LV-partition, you created, not found?

The 'init' in root partition wasnt found.
Are both disks connected to the same controller?
The 2 disks are in the same controller yes!! Is this the problem?
Are they IDE or SATA disks?
IDE disks
If you have several disk controllers on board, you may be
surprised to find /dev/hda1 turning into /dev/hde1, as
the sequence of your different controllers is not necessary
stable, if you connect additional disks.

BTW: why do you want an new VG? Why not expanding your current
VG by a new disk?
Nothing but to learn, to make several tests on the second disk, that I can do errors at will :)

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