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Re: [linux-lvm] New disk; "Couldn't find uuid" after successful pvcreate&vgextend

After the below error-free commands, I went ahead and ran 'vgextend' and then 'lvextend' without any 'vgscan' tests in between, and the whole system is fine now, 'xfs_grow' went off problem free as well.

Very odd. Are there caveats about when to run 'vgscan' maybe?

Thanks for the response James,

Barnaby Claydon wrote:
# pvcreate -v /dev/hdc
   Set up physical volume for "/dev/hdc" with 390721584 available sectors
   Zeroing start of device /dev/hdc
 Physical volume "/dev/hdc" successfully created

# pvdisplay -v /dev/hdc
   Using physical volume(s) on command line
 --- NEW Physical volume ---
 PV Name               /dev/hdc
 VG Name
 PV Size               186.31 GB
 Allocatable           NO
 PE Size (KByte)       0
 Total PE              0
 Free PE               0
 Allocated PE          0
 PV UUID               xacykK-MXPT-2yO0-qf2R-TBTU-VJb5-vVYw4Q

I haven't tried vgextend again since running badblocks - it looks like the drive is fine though:

# badblocks -svw /dev/hdc
Checking for bad blocks in read-write mode
From block 0 to 195360984
Testing with pattern 0xaa: done                        984
Reading and comparing: done                        984
Testing with pattern 0x55: done                        984
Reading and comparing: done                        984
Testing with pattern 0xff: done                        984
Reading and comparing: done                        984
Testing with pattern 0x00: done                        984
Reading and comparing: done                        984
Pass completed, 0 bad blocks found.

James Hammett wrote:
What do you get when you try pvdisplay?


Hi all,

I've been successfully running LVM2 (2.01.04) on Debian Sarge (2.6.8-2-686) for months.

As I've done many times before, I added a new disk yesterday. I successfully ran the following, both without error:

pvcreate -v /dev/hdc
vgextend -v mono_media /dev/hdc

As standard practice to make sure everything was ok, I then ran:

vgscan -v

At this point I got several references to "Couldn't find uuid..." repeated with the same uuid several times. At this point it seemed logical to back-out my changes, so I tried to run the following:

vgreduce -v mono_media /dev/hdc

Unfortunately this gave the same "Couldn't find uuid..." errors as 'vgscan'. As it seemed somewhat logical, I tried running the same 'pvcreate' command, again without error:

pvcreate -v /dev/hdc

After 'pvcreate' had finished, I was THEN able to run 'vgreduce' and restore my 'mono_media' VG to working order.

At this point I was a bit baffled, running 'lvmdiskscan' after the initial 'pvcreate' shows the disk as present, but if I reboot after just that first 'pvcreate' step and run 'lvmdisksacn' after the reboot, /dev/hdc isn't shown.

To rule-out a hardware problem I successfully ran 'mkfs.ext3 /dev/hdc' and was able to mount and navigate the volume without errors. Last night I also left 'badblocks -svw /dev/hdc' running which is almost complete and hasn't found any errors yet.

I will reply with full command output once 'badblocks' has finished, but I hope this brief synopsis makes sense.

Thanks everyone!

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