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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM2 intergrated 'native' mirroring support ?

Hi John,

In short; No.

I believe the most common, practical method to achieve some sort of data protection is to have your devices in a RAID array with the LVM configuration on top. You're probably already aware, given that you mentioned 'dm', but this method means the mirroring is abstracted out from LVM and handled by the dedicated processes.

Sorry that wasn't a great help, but thought I'd share. I'm actually considering the best approach myself in preparation for rebuilding my file-server, and I found (oddly enough) a very informative Slashdot.org comment thread on the general subject:


Good luck!

John Smith wrote:

I was wondering if current releases of LVM2 included mirroring support
in the actual logical volume manager itself ('native' mirroring
support), without the need for any other external mirroring solutions
(like for example 'dm') ?


John Smith.

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