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[linux-lvm] snapshot, machine hang and physical memory required

I seem to be encountering a problem when attempting to create a snapshot. Sometimes the snapshot goes through fine and at other times while executing a 'lvcreate --snapshot ...' it subsequently causes my box to hang completely.

From what I've read, this problem seems to be related to having insufficient physical memory.

I can not seem to find where/how to estimate how much memory is required to successfully perform the snapshot. Is the memory required relative to the snapshot size, the size of the target LVM device or both?

I'm running with a 2.6.12 kernel:

As the machine seems to hang when creating a snapshot on "/" (rather the logical volume upon which "/" resides), upon a reboot I do not see anything in my logs related to the problem which further makes the problem harder to debug.

Any help would be greatly appreciated-

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