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Re: [linux-lvm] pvmove didn't work - now system won't boot

When I boot my system the two PVs are found, but it drops me to a
prompt when attempting to start LVM.  It says to run fsck manually
because there is a superblock or partition problem.  If I do run fsck
on /dev/volgroup/logvol it can't fix the problems because of a write
error.  I believe all my files are intact on the two remaining drives
but I just can't find out what needs to be done.  Between the man
pages and everything I have read so far I just can't figure it out.

If my root fs is on lvm I really have no way to copy/paste the output
of all these various commands.  How am I supposed to go about doing

As my system boots it is trying to read PV or LV data from /dev/hdd -
which is not one of my drives now.  Is some part of LVM config trying
to read from this drive?  I ran "grep -r hdd /etc/lvm" and only found
references to this drive in the older configs, but it isn't in the
latest config.

Still looking for help,

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