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Re: [linux-lvm] problem when creating a volumegroup on an external drive

Patrick Caulfield wrote:

Joep Blom wrote:
I'm new to the list and new to the use of LVM. I have read the manuals
(which mainly are for LVM1) and am using LVM2.
I have one question. I just created a new volumegroup on an USB external

It's fantastically unlikely that a single 'vgcreate VG0' command would create
two VGs.

What is much more likely is that VolGroup00 already existed and you just
didn't notice it. That's the default name for a volume group created by a
Fedora install BTW


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Thanks for the quick reply. However, this is external USB disk (250Gb and I just added it to the system as a backup disk. FC5 was running and before I did anything the disk was formatted as a FAT32 disk I then did a pvcreate. When I checked the disk was empty (as was expected). The vgcreate did the strange thing, which is a problem as I cant remove this VolGroup00 as there exists one on the other (2) disks and when I asses VolGroup00 it rightly goes to the original VolGroup00, which I cannot delete. I think the only solution is fdisk and see if it will free the whole disk. But any other ideas?

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