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Re: [linux-lvm] problem when creating a volumegroup on an external drive

Klaus Strebel wrote:

Hi Joep,

well, what Patrick meant is, that your system (forget that USB drive in
this moment) already has a VG called VolGroup00 on your internal disk.
The modern FC distros use it as default (i think, i'm using SuSE ;-) ).
Before messing up more using fdisk, just provide us with the output of a
vgdisplay -a ;-) get an impression of the 'disaster' :-).

Btw. the volume group your wanted to create has the name VG0, not
VolGroup00 ;-) ..


Klaus & Pattrick,
I'm sorry I asked the wrong question (stupid me!). I interpreted the output of vgcreate wrongly. Yes, Klaus, the VolGroup00 was automatically created by FC when I did an upgrade. The correct question is that VG01 (the name I gave it) occupies 232.88 Gb although I had asked for 250 Gb. Where are the 17.2 GB and can I add them to VG01. When I look with fdisk it says that no information is available for /dev/sda1 and "invalid flag 0x0000 of partition table 4 will be corrected by w(rite)". I assume that all problems have arisen due to the fact that I did a pvcreate on a disk which has a W95 FAT32 partition ( of 250 Gb). I assume the best way is to delete the partition completely and create a new partition (with parted or fdisk?) or are there better methods? Do I have to remove VG01 first?
Please, be lenient to me for these basic questions.

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