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[linux-lvm] Problem with creation of dev entries on SL (RHEL) 4

When I create a new LVM volume on Scientific Linux 4 (RHEL4-compatible), a new entry isn't created in /dev, meaning that I can't access the volume although it exists.

Creation succeeds:

[root tg23 mapper]# /usr/sbin//lvcreate -s '-L1024M' -n '/dev/xenvg/gridmon_gridmon023__1147860249' /dev/xenvg/gridmon
  Logical volume "gridmon_gridmon023__1147860249" created

Mount fails:

[root tg23 mapper]# mount '/dev/xenvg/gridmon_gridmon023__1147860249' '/mnt/gridmon_gridmon023__1147860249'
mount: special device /dev/xenvg/gridmon_gridmon023__1147860249 does not exist

dev entry doesn't exist:

[root tg23 mapper]# ls /dev/xenvg/gridmon_gridmon023__1147860249
ls: /dev/xenvg/gridmon_gridmon023__1147860249: No such file or directory

These were created before an upgrade from RH9:

[root tg23 mapper]# ls /dev/xenvg/
gridgate_gridgate_wit_ie__1127224256 gridmon_gridmon__swap sl304_1 wnclonetest gridmon_gridmon_ait_ie__swap gridmon_gridmon_ucc_ie__swap sl304_lfc__swap wnclonewn50 gridmon_gridmon_grid_ul_ie__1127238733 gridstore_gridstore_grid_ul_ie__swap sl304_lfc.testgrid__swap gridmon_gridmon_it-tallaght_ie__swap gridui_gridui_dit_ie__swap ttyl2base gridmon_gridmon_scg_nuigalway_ie__swap rh9server wnclonecagnode89

I have the following error in /var/log/messages:

May 17 12:47:10 tg23 /sbin/hotplug: no runnable /etc/hotplug/block.agent is installed

I have the default hotplug package installed and can't find any source for a hotplug block.agent.

Any ideas?


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