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Re: [linux-lvm] Problem with creation of dev entries on SL (RHEL) 4

Here's some snippets from the log:

activate/fs.c:176 Linking /dev/xenvg/gridmon_gridmon023__1147860249 -> /dev/mapper/xenvg-gridmon_gridmon023__1147860249 toollib.c:1087 Zeroing start of logical volume "gridmon_gridmon023__1147860249" device/dev-cache.c:228 /dev/xenvg/gridmon_gridmon023__1147860249: Added to device cache device/dev-io.c:425 Opened /dev/xenvg/gridmon_gridmon023__1147860249 RW O_DIRECT device/dev-io.c:584 Wiping /dev/xenvg/gridmon_gridmon023__1147860249 at sector 0 length 8 sectors device/dev-io.c:134 /dev/xenvg/gridmon_gridmon023__1147860249: block size is 4096 bytes
device/dev-io.c:456   Closed /dev/xenvg/gridmon_gridmon023__1147860249

metadata/metadata.c:1164   Found volume group "xenvg"
activate/dev_manager.c:1048 Getting device info for xenvg-gridmon_gridmon023__1147860249 ioctl/libdm-iface.c:1326 dm info IgMc4AcnOILtiudkjAXpuErUegVxunX66lb1awfZBR5rYYzIF64ogYnf98AcKHS0 O
mm/memlock.c:119   Unlocking memory
mm/memlock.c:138   memlock_count dec to 0
activate/fs.c:211   Removing link /dev/xenvg/gridmon_gridmon023__1147860249

The volume appears briefly in the /dev/mapper directory and then disappears again! How is this meant to work?


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