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Re: [linux-lvm] lvcreate gives 'device-mapper: reload ioctl failed: Invalid argument'

It looks like your 'pvmove --abort' succeeded in canceling the pvmove (even though you had to reboot). So that's good.

You can certainly try an 'lvremove maingroup/dvd'. It seems to me that the logical volume is in the metadata (you can look for it in /etc/lvm/backup/maingroup), but for some reason it is not able to complete the load of that device into device-mapper. Because it only partially succeeds, it is giving you a device with no table... After doing the 'lvremove' you may need to also do a 'dmsetup remove maingroup-dvd'. Once completely removed, you could try your 'lvcreate' again.

I talked to someone about this and they said that it could be a kernel device-mapper/user-space device-mapper mismatch issue. I'm not sure I understand that logic, given that you are able to load other devices of the same target type (i.e. linear). Perhaps that person would like to speak up here?


P.S. Are you always getting the 'cdrom' error? You may wish to change the filter option to exclude the cdrom device. To do that, change the "filter" line in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf to:
filter = [ "r|/dev/cdrom|" ]

On Oct 30, 2006, at 10:20 PM, Matt McHenry wrote:

On Mon, 30 Oct 2006, Jonathan E Brassow wrote:

It appears to me that somehow the device-mapper device was created, but the table has not yet been loaded.

While this is the case, you will not be able to create an LV of the same name. (It will always give you the "device-mapper: reload ioctl failed:..." error.)

I know very little about LVM, but if the table hadn't been loaded, shouldn't it be the case that none of my LVs would be usable? All but the 'dvd' and 'gen-website' LVs are working fine.

If you reboot the machine does the "maingroup-dvd:" still show up from 'dmsetup table'?

Also, after a reboot, be sure to run 'pvmove --abort'.

I tried to run 'pvmove --abort' and got the same error about 'reload ioctl ...'. But after reboot, the gen-website LV was back and appears intact. (And the pvmove temporary LV is gone.) So we're making progress ... :)

Once you've canceled the pvmove successfully, I would do a 'dmsetup remove
maingroup-dvd; and try the 'lvcreate -L 15G -n dvd maingroup' again.

I rebooted, ran 'dmsetup remove maingroup-dvd', rebooted again ... and now the maingroup-dvd is back in the table. Do I need to do the 'lvcreate' right after the 'dmsetup remove', without rebooting in between? Or maybe do an 'lvremove' in addition to the 'dmsetup remove'?

I am at least getting a different error from 'lvcreate' now. I seem to be in a slightly better state than when this started, so I'm holding off on trying any of my suggestions above in case one of them might make things worse. :)

# dmsetup table
maingroup-tmp: 0 4194304 linear 8:8 154018176
maingroup-c--p: 0 8388608 linear 8:7 47980928
maingroup-capture: 0 23642112 linear 8:7 56369536
maingroup-capture: 23642112 40009728 linear 8:6 384
maingroup-capture: 63651840 78954496 linear 8:10 384
maingroup-usr: 0 19996672 linear 8:9 73400704
maingroup-usr: 19996672 974848 linear 8:8 150946176
maingroup-usr: 20971520 3891200 linear 8:8 48619904
maingroup-usr: 24862720 7708672 linear 8:8 384
maingroup-usr: 32571392 9371648 linear 8:8 52511104
maingroup-var: 0 10485760 linear 8:9 62914944
maingroup-var: 10485760 5218304 linear 8:8 145727872
maingroup-gen--website: 0 31457280 linear 8:11 384
maingroup-music: 0 1810432 linear 8:8 158212480
maingroup-music: 1810432 17317888 linear 8:9 142705024
maingroup-music: 19128320 43786240 linear 8:7 384
maingroup-swap2: 0 2097152 linear 8:7 45883776
maingroup-opt: 0 2097152 linear 8:8 151921024
maingroup-opt: 2097152 6291456 linear 8:8 42328448
maingroup-swap1: 0 2097152 linear 8:7 43786624
maingroup-home: 0 62914560 linear 8:9 384
maingroup-home: 62914560 29310976 linear 8:9 113394048
maingroup-home: 92225536 19996672 linear 8:9 93397376
maingroup-home: 112222208 34619392 linear 8:8 7709056
maingroup-home: 146841600 83845120 linear 8:8 61882752

# lvcreate -L 15G -n dvd maingroup
  /dev/cdrom: open failed: Read-only file system
  Attempt to close device '/dev/cdrom' which is not open.
  Logical volume "dvd" already exists in volume group "maingroup"

# ls /dev/maingroup/
c-p capture gen-website home music opt swap1 swap2 tmp usr var

# ls /dev/mapper/
control maingroup-gen--website maingroup-swap1 maingroup-var
maingroup-c--p     maingroup-home          maingroup-swap2
maingroup-capture  maingroup-music         maingroup-tmp
maingroup-dvd      maingroup-opt           maingroup-usr

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