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[linux-lvm] Proposal for the libLVM project


This is regarding a proposal to improve the lvm-tools package currently offered by Red Hat. Although your package is an excellent set of tools for managing LVM systems, we have found that the codebase is too specific to the several LVM Applications that are bundled with your distributions.

In the best interest of the community, we feel it would be best to take the development of the lvm-tools package in the direction of a more generic library - liblvm. The major driving force behind this reasoning is the fact that managing LVM setups is a large enough task to warrant a separate library. There are several advantages to this approach:

1) Keeping the library and application parts separate. Needless to say, this goes a long way in keeping code clean, by preventing the needs of the application or library to interfere with each other.

2) Providing a general library for use by other applications that deal with LVM setups. This not only encourages alternate LVM-based applications to spring, but also invites a larger part of the community to contribute back to the development of liblvm (now lvm-tools).

The 2nd point is what concerns us, the GNU Parted team. GNU Parted currently deals with block devices only, and therefore cannot operate on LVM setups. We concluded that the creation of a library such as liblvm would help a lot in adding support for LVM setups.

Here is a rough plan of our intentions:

- Fork the lvm-tools project into liblvm
(If Red Hat expresses interest in the concept of liblvm, then the project may be hosted by Red Hat, and we will provide developers to help you. Else, we host the project ourselves)

- Separate the command-line utilities and application-specific code from the codebase.

- Formulate (actually complete) a formal API that would be most useful for applications that use the library.

- Build the library to be generic as planned, and modify all applications currently depending on it (the command-line utilities and the Red Hat LVM Application) suitably.

- Use the new library to add LVM support to GNU Parted.

Do let us know what you think of this.

Best Regards,

The GNU Parted Team

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