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[linux-lvm] Rmove a faulty hard drive off LVM Group




My system is a Sun Fire X 2100 with RHEL 4.0. It has two 80G ATA SCSI disks. Right now, one of them is failing, and I need to remove it off the LVM Group.


Here is the LVM layout:

# df -k

Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on

/dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol00                      151527604  15281032 128549372  11% /

/dev/sda1               101086     18896     76971  20% /boot

none                   1036912         0   1036912   0% /dev/shm


But when I run vgdisplay, the system only have 160MB Free PE.


# vgdisplay

  --- Volume group ---

  VG Name               VolGroup00

  System ID

  Format                lvm2

  Metadata Areas        2

  Metadata Sequence No  3

  VG Access             read/write

  VG Status             resizable

  MAX LV                0

  Cur LV                2

  Open LV               2

  Max PV                0

  Cur PV                2

  Act PV                2

  VG Size               148.91 GB

  PE Size               32.00 MB

  Total PE              4765

  Alloc PE / Size       4760 / 148.75 GB

  Free  PE / Size       5 / 160.00 MB

  VG UUID               P7GrJk-v55z-YHlz-xPYL-v0eJ-jL6V-Cdo5OO


As the usage is only 11% for VolGroup00-LogVol00 as shown by “df –k”, I don’t know why I only have 160MB PE free.

I tried “pvmove /dev/sdb1”, got the error message “insufficient suitable contiguous allocatable  extents for logical volume pvmove 0:2384 more required, unable to allocate temporary LV for pvmove”.

Can someone please help me out?


Thanks a lot in advance,




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