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[linux-lvm] LVM2 snapshot contents on a reboot

Hi all,

We are using the latest version of LVM2 and creating a snapshot LV (This is a fresh snapshot LV and we are not attempting to migrate from LVM1). However, on rebooting the server, we find the snapshot contents are getting synced up with the original source volume contents completely. Any changes that has been made in the source volume after the snapshot volume has been taken is getting reflected in the snapshot volume as well after the reboot.

The following are the commands that we are using:

For the creation of snapshot:

lvcreate -s -L <snap size> -n <snapshot Name> -p <R-W permission> <original volume>

For deleting the snapshot:

lvremove -f <snap shot node entry>

However, if the server (running Linux is not rebooted, the snapshot contents are correctly shown even if there has been any changes on the source volume.

Should we do anything specific at the time of the server shutdown to ensure that the snapshot contents should not be getting synced with the source volume on start up?

Please advice.



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