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[linux-lvm] Re: Grow Live GFS volume in clustered environment?

The specific error I'm getting in my system log is:

Oct  4 14:55:24 ftpimg2 lvm[2512]: Volume group for uuid not found: qDuA09bdhxxI



Is it possible to grow live GFS volumes in a clustered environment? Or even grow them at all if they are clustered? I am assuming this is possible, but I am running into serious roadblocks.

I am trying to grow a live GFS volume in a 2 node cluster. We have 3 LVM volume groups (1 physical volume each) all mounted to 3 different mount points. Everything works great as far as both nodes reading, writing, etc to each. Both nodes mount and use each volume simultaneously without a hitch.

Now that the volumes are mounted and all in use, I get "error locking on node" errors when trying to create new volume groups with new physical volumes, or even just adding physical volumes to existing logical volume groups. This happens even if I unmount the volume on both nodes. I can't even deactivate and reactivate the existing volume groups, no matter what I do, without getting the same error. 

Am I missing something basic?


FC5 kernel-smp 2.6.17-1.2174

dlm locking, all necessary lvm.conf changes set for cluster locking, lvm's set for 2 node
clustering, etc.


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