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Re: [linux-lvm] Unable to add new drive to LV

Bryn M. Reeves wrote:

The problem here is that the LV is using striped allocation across 3 PVs:

So, in order to extend it and maintain that allocation, you need to have
3 PVs with sufficient space to allocate three parallel stripes.


Thanks for the reply, Bryn.

OK, I'm confused.

The LVM Howto says "In LVM 2, striped LVs can be extended by concatenating another set of devices onto the end of the first set. So you can get into a situation where your LV is a 2 stripe set concatenated with a linear set concatenated with a 4 stripe set. Are you confused yet?"

I interpret the above to mean that I can concatenate the single drive after the existing stripped array. Is that an incorrect interpretation?

Being as this LV stores backups, I don't really care too much that it is stripped--my goal is to have lots of disk space. Is my only option trashing the existing LV and making it contiguous (non-stripped)? Thanks!


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