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Re: [linux-lvm] "System ID" entry missing in metadata (LVM2) ?!


thanks for your response Jonathan, but I want to share the VGs between the hosts. So I hoped that there is something like this functionality:
-> "vgimport VG" writes some kind of hostid (system_id?) in the metadata
-> other hosts can´t access the VG
-> "vgdeport VG" removes the ID, so anyone else can import the VG

My C knowledge isn´t very good, but the sources seem to include a functionality like the one mentioned above.

Kind regards,

Jonathan E Brassow schrieb:


i´m new to LVM2 and wondering if it´s possible to restrict access to a
Volume Group to a single server (e.g. like under vxvm (vxdg
If I import a VG by using vgimport it is still possible to access the
on another node in a shared SAN environment. Can I prevent this

I´m using lvm2-2.01.14-3.6 on servers running SuSE SLES9 SP3 x86_64.

You can use tags to achieve this, or you can specify specific volume groups and logical volumes in lvm.conf under "volume_list".


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