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Re: [linux-lvm] Mirror resync direction

On Oct 26, 2006, at 4:16 PM, Paul LeoNerd Evans wrote:
The use of --corelog simply means that the mirror device will be
resynchronized every time the device is activated.  The persistent log
(disk log) tracks what resynchronization has been done and can avoid
all complete resyncs.

Yes, I'm aware of that bit, but I couldn't see any other way to achieve
it with only two PVs. The "--alloc anywhere" as suggested in the error
message doesn't have any effect for me.

Jun'ichi Nomura from NEC is working on the allocation issues - it's a bit buggy WRT mirrors.

However, you could use a known bug to get around having to use --corelog when you only have two devices.

1) lvcreate -m1 --corelog -L <don't use all the space> -n mirror vg
2) lvconvert -m1 vg/mirror

The convert doesn't currently honor the allocation schemes very well right now either. It will simply put the disk log on one of the two devices.


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