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Re: [linux-lvm] Configure lvm2 with drbd

Thanks so much! now it does work ok.

Best regards

Mariano Gonzalvo wrote:

    I'm trying to configure lvm2 on top of drbd. I've configured drbd
(/dev/drbd0 and /dev/drbd1) and put them as primary node, but when I try
to create a physical volume this is what it does happens

       pvcreate /dev/drbd0
          Physical volume "/dev/drbd0" successfully created
            --- NEW Physical volume ---
          PV Name               /dev/md4
          VG Name
          PV Size               129,45 GB
          Allocatable           NO
          PE Size (KByte)       0
          Total PE              0
          Free PE               0
          Allocated PE          0
          PV UUID               MtxjHy-8zfW-i9nq-TJA4-b6F9-jtcW-FkanLB

    /dev/md4 is the raid device over was configured drbd0.

    Why /dev/md4 it's taken as PV Name?


It's trying to be helpful! Normally people build MD devices out of other devices
and so LVM uses the MD in preference to other devices it finds with the same UUID.

You'll need to exclude the MD device in the /etc/lvm/lvm.conf filters entry.
something like:

filter =[ "r/md4/" ]


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