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Re: [linux-lvm] clusteredVG+mirroredLV

Does anybody know, when it will be official released (rhel4u5)?
or is there any rpm, which i can dowload to patch my kernel?
how can I create the dm_cmirror myself?


Jonathan Brassow wrote:
cluster mirroring is slated to come out with rhel4 u5

It will not be immediately available in rhel5.

There are two versions of cluster mirroring. One which will go into rhel4u5. The other is to go upstream and into rhel5 at some point. The re-write is based on OpenAIS.


On Apr 25, 2007, at 9:46 AM, Lin_ChiiShing emc com wrote:

I am using source with cvs tag RHEL4U4, and was able to go into
cmirror-kernel directory to build the module dm-cmirror.ko

After loading dm_cmirror module, the system-config-lvm tool
configured a mirrored LV in a clustered VG successfully.

Can someone in RedHat shed light on what's the current status of source
for cmirror-kernel and clustered mirroring?
What's expected to work (such as normal IO), and
what's expected not to work yet ? For early bird developers who are interested in using this technology, do you have a recommended CVS tag for the source to do the prototype ?

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