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[linux-lvm] LV, VG, and PV information not available after vgcfgrestore

Hello all.


I recently migrated a logical volume from a failing host to a new host, and although I am able to mount and access the volume, I cannot view any of the LV information using lvdisplay, vgdisplay, or pvdisplay.


The physical volume is SAN mounted.  The /etc/lvm/backup/file was copied from the failing host to the new host, and using vgcfgrestore and vgchange, the LV’s are now mounted on the new host and completely accessible.  However, when I run any of the display or scan commands, information regarding these volumes does not appear.  I’m wondering if I missed a step in recovery.  Following are the steps I followed:


-on source host, unmounted the file system using the LV in question

-presented LUN the LV is on to the new host, and discovered

-coped /etc/lvm/backup/file from source to target

-on target host, vgcfgrestore on the copied backup file

-on target host, lvscan.  The LV was recognized, but not active.

-vgchange to activate the LV

-another lvscan showed the LV active

-modifed target host:/etc/fstab

-mounted the LV on the target host without issue. 


Is there another step or two (or more) that I should have executed prior to mounting or even recovering the LV?


Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.






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