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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM - History

Greg Freemyer a écrit :
On 2/20/07, k <shikam yahoo com> wrote:
History of LVM

I am researching about LVM, and looking for historical
data, such as; how did it get started, who was
involved, information about the functionality of the
first release ( Was it supporting raid, Size
restrictions, etc…), and any other historical data.

I appreciate any suggestions you might have.

Shi kam

A key point was 3 years ago when Redhat bought Sistina.

See http://www.open-mag.com/features/Vol_90/Sistina/Sistina.htm.

Also see http://lwn.net/2000/0224/kernel.php3 for when it first got
into the vanilla kernel.

Hi !
If you plan to learn who invented LVM, you have to know that IMHO IBM was the first company to include LVM into it's Unix flavor called Aix. Later, HP bought a software license and implemented it into HP-UX with modification. The HP version is quite similar as the one we have in Linux. Also, I think Veritas software has/had a comercial LVM version to fit the Veritas journaled file system. I don't know if this was devised from IBM research or a new implementation. Sistina software inplemented LVM into the Linux Kernel by making something looking like HP flavor of LVM. But due to PC hardware anlimitations, the LVM on Linux still lacks the ability to boot from an LVM root, lacks mirroring (well, true mirroring....) and things like that... I'm not sure about the exact status of Linux LVM on other platforms than PC hardware... Of course, I'm not an historian, and I do not pretend to know eery Unix flavor on the planet (even if I've put my hands on some really old/or arcane) so you'd better check with the cited companies to correct me if I'm wrong...
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