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[linux-lvm] Help: Mount point does not report full size of LV.

Hey all, linux n00b here runing ubuntu:

I added a 3rd hdd to my system today and tried to extend the logical volume i currently had with the new added space. it was previously a windows NTFS disk (formatted clean before transfer). after going through the steps it all displays properly under "vgdisplay -v" but when i actually go and check the mount point folder size it is still the same as before and has not increased along w/ the volume group and logical volume.

I've tried to remove the hdd from the VG to try and redo it but i get errors when trying to use "vgreduce" to remove the PV, saying "physical volume "dev/hdd1" still in use", even after running a "pvmove" command which resulted in "no extents avail for allocation".

Here's what I did wrong in setting it up, even though it displays correct:

I first ran fdisk on /dev/hdd1, the partition, instead of the whole disk /dev/hdd (first mistake). I created a partition, sized it to take the full space, changed it to 8e, which gave me /dev/hdd1p1. which i really didn't want, but it happened anyway.

I then did a pvcreate /dev/hdd1, not hdd1p1, then did "vgextend VGforMyth /dev/hdd1" then did "lvextend --size +79.3G /dev/VGforMyth/video"

Somewhere along the way i realized what i was doing wrong and went back and fdisk'ed /dev/hdd to remove the two partitions (hdd1, hdd1p1) and create a new correct partition /dev/hdd1 set to 8e and extending the entire disk. Now, /dev/hdd1 was still part of the VG while "fixing" the issue. I'm guessing doing all that screwed it up somewhere along the way.   

Is there a way to fix the LV as it is so that the mount point /home/nick/video is correct? or should i wipe it all out and start over? if so, how do i go about doing that? do i delete all data on the LV then do a vgremove then fdisk everything, deleting all partitions and start over?
Thanks in advance for your help! 

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