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Re: [linux-lvm] vgscan -- ERROR "vg_read_with_pv_and_lv(): current PV" can't get data of volume group

>>Do you assume that, because your system died during
>>a running configuration change on "lvm1" ?
I really don`t know. The system is a lan server which has no particular owner and good maintance. possibly ;-)

>>Are all PVs of "lvm1" accessible ?
i was happy to find a backup of logical volume and it says that there were 1 more harddrive, which
is now NOT accessible. so i assume that this is the problem, since vgscan complains about
'current PV not accessible'. I`ll try to do my best in searching for this hard drive, but chances i`ll find
it safe are really low (since anyone who took it, really needed it for something =)

Now i have unaccessible lvm1 volume, 2 hard drives (hdf and hdg) and backup file that contains
information about lvm1 when it had 3 hard drives(+hdh).

Are there are any ways to get data from remaining drives? How to remove information about 3rd drive from volume?
Is it possible?

P.S. sorry that i didn`t understand immediately that problem was because of loosing 1 of drives from lvm.

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