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Re: [linux-lvm] Logical Volume on two disk, one is broken: how to restore data from the good disk?

Thank you Jim, I'll try your suggestions; I'll let you now what will happen.

2007/7/11, Jim Schatzman <james schatzman futurelabusa com>:
 From me the amateur. You appear to have lost some data. You probably have some files that are recoverable. You have a few choices:

1) Send your disks to a professional. See http://myharddrivedied.com, for example.

2) Replace the electronics PC board on your drive. See the same above website for more info on that. This might recover all your data. It also may make no change.

3) Use dmsetup to enable a partial VG (use vgchange -Pay as explained in the article). See
Retrieve what files you can.

You can also remove the bad drive entirely and do a partial VG.

4) Use dd ignoring errors to do a raw copy off the bad drive to an identical good drive.
Use vgcfgbackup. Remove the bad drive. Install the new drive.

Edit the vgcfg backup, edit the id in the logical_volumes
sections, check your work carefully, and vgcfgrestore

as mentioned by Ryan Nelson.  This is probably going to get you about what #3 does.

Good luck-


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