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Re: [linux-lvm] Strange messages on my Fedora Box

Milan Broz a écrit :
Georges Giralt wrote:
Hi !
The context :
Fedora Core 7 on an X86-64  AMD Athlon 64x2 box.
lvm> version
   LVM version:     2.02.24 (2007-03-19)
   Library version: 1.02.17 (2007-01-29)
   Driver version:  4.11.0
Kernel :
3 X 160 Gb disks with 4 primary partitions
the 3 last partitions in each disks make 3 VG : vgF32, vgF64 and vg-Ext.
I use LVM mirroring.

Mirror staus string is broken in 2.6.22 stable kernel, I hope that fix will be
part of next stable update.

patch exist for some time here

The vgF32 vg hold a FC7 32 bits version, vgF64 the FC7 64 bits version (the one I use now) and vg-Ext the home and various data.
Today, i ran lvs and get the following message.
I've nothing in the system message file nor in the dmesg ring.
/bott is an md made with the 2 first partitions of the 2 first disks and is fine.
Questions :
Is it serious ? What should I do ? How to recover ?

If you boot to 2.6.21 kernel, it should work ok, 2.6.23-rc1 has this fix too.
It is only reporting problem for mirrored volumes (in this case).
(But it is breaking pvmove functionallity too.)

mbroz redhat com
Thanks Milan !
I _do_ prefer that.
I'll wait until the code is fixed.
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