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Re: [linux-lvm] libLVM progress?

> You'd be better off using the existing liblvm2cmd library. This gives
> you a programmatic interface to the command line toolset. It will still
> mean formatting commandlines/parsing returns but it cuts down on your
> forking and allows the library to cache LVM2 internal data across
> command invocations - potentially, that amounts to a big saving.
> See doc/example_cmdlib.c in the LVM2 sources for a short example program.

Thanks. Doesn't look too extensive, but it is far better documentation
than some of the closed source I've worked with had.  Along with the
liblvm2cmd header file documentation I think I'll be fine.

> Not a good idea - there's too much complexity involved and duplicating
> that in separate projects would lead to something pretty unmaintainable
> quite quickly.

That's pretty much what I figured, thanks for verifying this.  I've worked
with enough complex, mostly-undocumented, redundant code to know that it
is a Bad Idea (tm) to create more Frankensteins unless it is the only way
possible to support something.

I'm going to see if I can do a bit of code exploration and documentation
in the lib directory, I can't guarantee how much time I'll have to spend
on it though.

Ken Stein @ kastein wpi edu
WPI ECE Class of 2008

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