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Re: [linux-lvm] SolvedLRE: CLVMD and Locking type 3 initialisation failed

For Debian lvm2 you have to set the locking_type=2.  It's in the lvm2 source
However, now that I have ccsd, cman and clvmd happily running (I discovered
I had clvmd running ok when I could run LVM commands).  On both computers in
my cluster, I'm still not seeing the volume group of the other cluster
member. And the status of my Clustser seems fine.
Is there anything I'm missing or doing wrong?  I'm not running a SAN or
iSCSI.  The PVs for each server are partitions I've created from the HW

I think your understanding of CLVM may be wrong. CLVM will not make volume groups etc on local storage available to both nodes - its used to manage shared storage. Storage is presented to both nodes (ie, a SAN or iSCSI) and CLVM is used to manage the storage (ie, prevent metadata corruption by using locking, and making sure that both nodes have a consistent view of each VG etc).



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