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[linux-lvm] failing hard drive

I am a complete noob to lvm.
I have 9 partitions on 9 (190GB) disks, one of which (according to smart tools) is failing - hde.
It is running Fedora Core 4 (don't ask)
I want to swap out the drive with a new one (400GB).
pvmove /dev/hde does not work even though the file system in not full. It says there are no free extents (or something like that - I don't want to needlessly turn the machine back on since hde is getting worse) I guess this is because the underlying stuff is full up. It would be nice if I could just dd the failing drive onto the new drive and replace it (using linux on a cd) but I have no reason to believe this will work - will it? Has anyone got a step by step guide of what to do? I guess I must shrink the filesystem and then whatever that sits on. This seems to depend on the version of LVM one is running. I have no idea what version comes with Fedora Core 4 or how to find out.

Any ideas welcome.



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