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Re: [linux-lvm] failing hard drive

Bryn M. Reeves wrote:

It would be nice if I could just dd the failing drive onto the new drive
and replace it (using linux on a cd) but I have no reason to believe
this will work - will it?

This should work OK, although as usual with backups you want to make
sure that nothing is writing to the disk while you take the dd - using a
rescue CD would be fine, or deactivating the volume group before
starting (but if it includes your root file system then you will need to
use a rescue CD).
I have made the copy using a rescue CD and an external USB drive. Fitting the replacement internally is going to be difficult hence the question about doing it this way. Are you sure? I was just worried that perhaps LVM looked beyond a simple '/dev/hde' referred to drives in some deeper way e.g. serial number, model, make etc.
Has anyone got a step by step guide of what to do? I guess I must shrink
the filesystem and then whatever that sits on.

That may work, but you'll need to make enough space within the VG to
accommodate all the data that is currently stored on the failing hde.

To do this, you first have to shrink file systems from the VG, then
shrink the logical volumes (LVs) that the file systems are sitting on.

Another option would be to add the new drive to the system and run:

pvcreate /path/to/new/disk

followed by:

vgextend <VG name> /path/to/new/disk
To temporarily bring the VG up to 10 disks to allow you to remove the
failing member. You should then find the "pvmove /dev/hde" works as
expected (assuming the new disk is at least as big as the one you are
Yes, but given the space constraints I'd rather avoid this.
This seems to depend on the version of LVM one is running. I have no
idea what version comes with Fedora Core 4 or how to find out.

You'll have lvm2 in FC4, although it's a relatively old version now.

Kind regards,

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