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Re: [linux-lvm] Can't use LVM1 VG/LVs under LVM2; LV xxx: inconsistent LE count 32 != 64

Jesse Molina wrote:

I'm having a problem getting a Debian system from Linux kernel 2.4 to 2.6 due to LVM. On the 2.4 kernel/LVM1, the VGs and LVs work fine, mount up, and show absolutely no sign of any problem. However, I can't get the 2.6 kernel/LVM2 to activate the VGs at all.

I've filed a Debian bug, which has additional information, here;

The interesting error messages under 2.6 include;

    "LV tmp: inconsistent LE count 32 != 64"
"System ID sorrows1107837513 on /dev/sdd3 differs from sorrows1107837515 for volume group"

Notice how the LE count is about half of what it should be (reports 32, but is actually 64). These LVs are striped across the two disks, thus two 32 LE stripes in each PV that make up the VG upon which this LV exists.

Bad error checking, or actual problem?  I don't know.

This person seems to have had the same problem, though he had four stripes;

I originally reported this problem roughly eight months ago, with no resolution or response;


You need a newer version of lvm2 (> 2.02.21). The problem has only been fixed recently.



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