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Re: [linux-lvm] How to remove crashed inaccessible harddrive from LVM2.

On 5/3/07, Bryn M. Reeves <breeves redhat com> wrote:

LVM2 allows you to activate partial volume groups and to remove missing
physical volumes via the --partial and --removemissing options to
vgchange and vgreduce. See the manual pages for full details.

It sounds like your failed drive has not 'gone away' but is throwing I/O
errors for some sectors and maybe causing system hangs. You might be
better off disconnecting it and booting the system into a rescue
environment to perform the recovery of the volume group since it does
not contain important data you want to recover.

Kind regards,

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Do u mean rescue env like booting with the rescue cd?

I tried to do like u said but when i disconnect the drive, some other
device take /dev/sdc from the failed drive but LVM complains that UID
is missing and when i check /etc/backup/VG i can see the missing UID
and that is the drive that have failed /dev/sdc

Now i'm afraird to remove the /dev/sdc from the volume group beacuse
some other drive took over /dev/sdc.

Can u please provide some useful commands that i can begin with?

Kind regards

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