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[linux-lvm] balooning/dynamic snapshots?

Right now, one has to specify a snapshot size.

If the snapshot takes more space that one specified with -s (size), that snapshot is automatically dropped, and is no longer usable.

Sometimes, it is just not possible to know beforehand how much data will change, but on the other hand, specifying 100% snapshot size is not possible or hard to estimate.

Is it possible to make a "balooning", or dynamic LVM snapshot? That is, if the snapshot reaches its maximum, it will be automatically resized, provided we still have space on the medium.

Looking at lvm manuals, I didn't see such a feature, and the only possibility seems to be to create a userspace program which would check the status of the snapshots periodically, and resize them if needed - but this seems crude, and may not work sometimes (very loaded system, volumes with a lot of writes etc.).

Tomasz Chmielewski

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