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[linux-lvm] Problem resizing partition

Hello. I have recently installed a CentOS 5 Linux distribution. Is a free version of Red Hat Enterprise.

I are a Linux Newbie.

The Linux installer DVD does not liked the 20 Gb ext3 partition I have created (It was saying than now enough space was available), so I tell him to automatically configure the partitions and filesystem.

The Installer formatted and created a 32 Mb "boot" partition, and a 20 Gb "unknown" partition (as is found By gparted software).

I need to reduce this "unknown" partition by 8 Mb, (to avoid writing the last 8 Mb, since is probably that the PC vendor, has utilized this space to hide information, that windows use to recognizing that is "genuine", (don't bash me about windows, I have not purchased that machine, I are utilizing that machine to experiment and learn Linux, because I want latter to operate a cluster with that OS, and I can't do experiments on the cluster, like learning to resizing partitions)

I have not idea what file system is, and what tools allow to resize that partition. I Have installed gparted (#yum install gparted), since I was told that is the "Partition Magic" of Linux.
but It looks like this file system is rare, because is for cluster designed.

Looking on Internet, I have found that probably this system utilizes clvm (no idea), so I have found this mail list, and write for help.

can you help me?

PD:Please, excuse my bad grammar, I never studied English.

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