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[linux-lvm] LVM snapshot limits

I'm trying to create 45 LVM snapshots on one of my dev machines.  I have about 
7TB of disk to work with, but I keep having wierd issues.  I can't seem to 
make more than 30 snapshots.  At about 15-20 snapshots they stop being 
created reliably and as I get to 30 snapshots I stop getting snapshots and 
start getting COW table sized logical volumes that are in no way snapshots.  
Some of these snapshots cause kernel panics on RHEL 5 when I try to remove 

If anyone wants to take a look, I have included a script that reproduces the 
issue.  It works on both RHEL 5 and Ubuntu 7.04.  The script only requires a 
few gigabytes of storage, so I don't think the problem has to do with my 
large volume of storage.  

I filed a support ticket with redhat, but I figured I'd float it here to see 
if anyone has any suggestions/experience.

Shaun Kruger

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