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RE: [linux-lvm] Q: Online resizing ext3 FS

Sorry for the top quoting, I'm new to outlook =)

We did something similar, as the lv grows (with ext2online) the snapshot
will start filling up. If the resize fails, you will not be able to
(easily) revert directly back to the logical volume. This is because as
you start copying stuff back, the snapshot will be filling up. If you
want to be 100% safe, I would say go for some near line device that can
store 500G and backup to that!

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On Wed, 12 Sep 2007, Hiren Joshi wrote:

> Has anyone of you been using ext2online to resize (large) ext3 
> filesystems?
> I have to do it going from 500GB to 1TB on a productive system I was 
> wondering if you have some horror/success stories.
> I'm using RHEL4/U4 (kernel 2.6.9) on this system.

This brings up an LVM related question I've had.  Can I do this:

  1) take snapshot of 500GB LV
  2) resize source LV to 1TB
  3) run ext2online
  4a) resize succeeds - remove shapshot
  4b) resize fails horribly - copy shapshot to LV and restart
    4b.1) is there a way to "revert" the source LV to the snapshot?
    	(without allocating snapshot as big as source LV)

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