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Re: [linux-lvm] Resizing an ext3 file system after extending a logical volume group

Depending on your kernel, you may be able to resize a mounted ext3. Just
run resize2fs. It worked fine on my gentoo distro on a plain partition.

Thanks, Malahal.

Richard Kollmar [rkollmar uiuc edu] wrote:
>    Dear All:
>    I apologize if this has been asked before, but I can't find a way to
>    search the list archives:
>    How do you safely resize an ext3 filesystem after extending a logical
>    volume?
>    I am adding a new hard drive to increase the size of my logical volume
>    "home1" in logical volume group "home" with LVM2 under Ubuntu 6.10.1 LTS.*
>    The instructions*in the LVM Howto are pretty straightforward; the only
>    part that spooks me is the resizing of the ext3 filesystem.* This is what
>    I have done so far:
>            (installed new hardware & partitioned with fdisk; shows up as
>    /dev/sdb1)
>            (backed up the existing logical volume in case something bad
>    happens)
>            # pvcreate /dev/sdb1
>                    * Physical volume "/dev/sdb1" successfully created
>            # vgextend home /dev/sdb1
>                    * Volume group "home" successfully extended
>            # lvextend -l 357700 /dev/home/home1
>                    * Extending logical volume home1 to 1.36 TB
>                    * Logical volume home1 successfully resized
>    From what I googled, the next steps are a bit more involved for LVM2 than
>    the Howto lets on.* Does the following look o.k. to the experts:
>            ' use a root login, not su or sudo, because /home will be
>    unmounted
>            # umount*/dev/home/home1        ' the next steps should be done
>    off-line
>            # e2fsck -C 0 -v*dev/home/home1                 ' make sure the
>    file system is ok
>            #*tune2fs -O ^has_journal*/dev/home/home1       'disable
>    journaling on the logical volume
>            # resize2fs /dev/home/home1             'do the resizing
>            # e2fsck -C 0 -v*dev/home/home1                 ' make sure the
>    file system is still ok
>            #*tune2fs -O has_journal*/dev/home/home1                're-enable
>    journaling
>            # e2fsck -C 0 -v*dev/home/home1                 ' yes, I am a
>    first-timer and somewhat paranoid
>            # mount*/dev/home/home1 /home   ' back on-line
>    Thanks in advance for any help,
>    microscope

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