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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM Questions

You could still use raid using pvmove: You could create a raid and then use pvmove to relocate data present on your disk to your new raid device.


Nicholas Muguira wrote:

I am trying to judge the ability of LVM to address a problem I currently have, and I have few questions:

1) Is there a way to configure LVM so that the data on remaining PV’s in a VG are is accessible after a PV fails?

2) Is there a way to configure LVM so that the LV will still be accesible and readable/writable if a PV fails while in use?

3) Assuming groupings of external drives, can a LV be created and exported on each group of the same name and then imported into different systems. For example assuming 10 drives, drives a-e are in group 1 and drives f-j are in group 2. Using System A with drives a-e connect to /dev/sda-e create a parittion that spans the entire drive for each drive. Create a PV on each partition (/dev/sd[a-e]1). Create a VG named test with all partitions (/dev/sd[a-e]1). Create a LV that covers all of the VG test. Mount the LV and format it (ext3 in this case). Umount and vgexport the vg test. Repeat the steps with drives f-j with same VG and LV names. Connect group 1 to System B and vgimport VG test, create LV with it and mount the filesystem. Umount the filesystem and disconnect group1. Connect group 2 to System B and vgimport VG test and mount the filesystem (using LV previously created)?

Raid is unavailable due to already deployed hardware, and I realize that LVM is not Raid and will not give me a means to recover the data on the failed HDD.


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