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Re: [linux-lvm] Adding PVs to a group

On 4/19/2008, David Robinson (zxvdr au gmail com) wrote:
Since I'm no longer using the second partition at all, wouldn't it be simpler/cleaner to just delete the second partition entirely (using fdisk) and then just resize /dev/sdb1 to include the new free space using vgextend?

Or will that not work?

That will work. You'll need to run pvresize after resizing the partition, and you wouldn't need to use vgextend.

Thanks for taking the time to hold my hand a little through this David...

OT: this list seems a little on the dead side... is there a more active LVM oriented list that you are aware of?


Ok, so I guess the only question I have is - does it matter?

Is my following evaluation correct? :

It is much simpler - because I can do this without rebooting - to just do:

vgextend vg2 /dev/sdb2, then

lvextend -L+100G /dev/vg2/var, then

resize_reiserfs -f /dev/vg2/var

than it is to:

delete /dev/sdb2, reboot, then

resize /dev/sdb1, reboot, then

run pvresize, *then*

run lvextend...

So, again - does it really matter? Is having my vg2 in one big LVM partition 'better' than having it consist of two different partitions?

I'm thinking it does *not* matter, so will most likely go with the first/easiest option, unless you (or someone else) provides a good reason to take option 2...

Thanks again,


Best regards,


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