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Re: [linux-lvm] Adding PVs to a group

On 4/20/2008, David Robinson (zxvdr au gmail com) wrote:
OT: this list seems a little on the dead side... is there a more active LVM oriented list that you are aware of?

The list is active, but its quiet on weekends ;)

Oh, right, I forget that some people actually have lives outside work, unlike me... ;)

You could modify the partition table in one step rather than two. Use fdisk to delete both partitions then create a new partition that spans the entire device (just make sure that you create the partition with the same start block). The end result should look something like:

   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System
/dev/sdb1               1       58352   468712408+  8e  Linux LVM

I have read about doing this, but somehow it just gives me the shudders...

I'll have to play with it sometime in a VM...

resize /dev/sdb1, reboot, then

You may not need to reboot at all... you could use "partprobe" or "blockdev --rereadpt", but check /proc/partitions to make sure that the kernel knows of the new partition table. I've seen instances where partprobe doesn't actually cause the partition table to be refreshed.

Thanks - have to read up on partprobe too...

Still feel like a newbie sometimes, even though I've been using Linux for almost two years now (came over from the windows world)...

So, again - does it really matter? Is having my vg2 in one big LVM partition 'better' than having it consist of two different partitions?

There's no difference, LVM doesn't care.

Ok, thanks... thats what I'll do for now... I'm actually planning on replacing this server with a different one and rebuilding everything from scratch in a few months anyway, so I'll redo the partitions then...

For now, simple and safe is best... my main goal is to keep /var from filling up...


Best regards,


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