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Re: [linux-lvm] Offline fsck (checking snapshots)

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Charles Marcus wrote:
> Bryan Kadzban wrote:
>> I've gotten a script that I think is reasonable, that handles this.
>> With some help from others, it now works with XFS as well as ext2/3,
>> and it's supposed to also work with JFS.  Since it requires LVM, I
>> think it might make sense to put something like it into the LVM
>> userspace tools.
> Sounds interesting... but any particular reason you're ignoring
> reiserfs?

No particular reason, no.  I just haven't used it in maybe 6 years, so I
don't remember much about it.  I also assume that nobody listening to
the discussion on ext3-users uses it either (based on the fact that
nobody else asked for it).  So it didn't get added.  :-)

I assume fsck.reiserfs is the right executable to use?  (I seem to
remember a reiserfsck, but not whether they were equivalent...)  What
args should be used to get it to check the snapshot FS, preferably
making as few changes as possible?  (E.g., ext3 requires a pre-check
check to clean up orphan inodes, otherwise the real check will exit with
a failure status; does reiserfs require anything similar?)

I don't remember whether it stores the last-fsck time either; if it
does, is there some way to get that out (for try_get_check_date)?  Does
it support updating that time while an LV is online?  What about forcing
a check (per-filesystem) on the next reboot?  (Any ability to set the
last-fsck time would work for both preventing a check and forcing a
check, of course.)

Google says it can do an external journal; how can you tell whether
that's in use (to skip making snapshots of only half the device)?

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