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Re: [linux-lvm] Offline fsck (checking snapshots)

On 4/26/2008, Bryan Kadzban (bryan kadzban is-a-geek net) wrote:
I've gotten a script that I think is reasonable, that handles this. With some help from others, it now works with XFS as well
as ext2/3, and it's supposed to also work with JFS. Since it
requires LVM, I think it might make sense to put something like
it into the LVM userspace tools.

Sounds interesting... but any particular reason you're ignoring

No particular reason, no. I just haven't used it in maybe 6 years, so
I don't remember much about it. I also assume that nobody listening
to the discussion on ext3-users uses it either (based on the fact
that nobody else asked for it). So it didn't get added. :-)

Heh - no worries, I wasn't complaining, just asking... I do use it for my /var (maildirs), which is why I was asking...

I know, I've heard all of the horror stories... but my RAID card has a BBU on it, and my servers all have good UPS's on them , and are running nut sp will safely shut down in the event of a prolonged power failure (which has only happened once).

Mine has been rock-solid for almost 4 years now.

I assume fsck.reiserfs is the right executable to use? (I seem to remember a reiserfsck, but not whether they were equivalent...) What args should be used to get it to check the snapshot FS, preferably making as few changes as possible? (E.g., ext3 requires a pre-check check to clean up orphan inodes, otherwise the real check will exit with a failure status; does reiserfs require anything similar?)

Ouch... I wish I could help, I'd be happy to, but I'm just a lowly sys admin pretender, not a programmer... ;)

Right now, I'm just trying to find the time to get an automated backup script running to pause some services (postfix+dovecot), take a snapshot of my /var, restart the services, run rsnapshot on the snapshot volume, then release the snapshot volume...

Right now I'm running my backups on the live filesystem, which, since this system isn't used all that heavily, especially at night, isn't doesn't worry me *too* much, I'd still prefer to 'do it right'... hence my interest in your script...


Best regards,


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